Hi, welcome to my website!

"I am a visual designer and artists living on St. Simons Island, GA.                                       I love living here and I love my job."

My roadmap began on the shores of New England (CT mostly) combing the beaches with my mom in a constant search of sea glass.

Moving to Florida in the 80’s, the search continued ~on much different scale!  For graduation my parents gave me a 35 mm Canon and from there a new passion was born- photography! Black & white mostly and that passion naturally led me to water, any and all kinds! Coastal, marinas, rivers, lakes, you name it!   

I've been selling my photography since the late 90’s, mostly black and white although recently I've been intrigued with color!!

As an artist, I went through a time of "artist's block" or dry spell.  I am now refining my strengths, creativity and style in Sand Designs.  The name comes from the amazing designs left in the sand after a high tide and all the treasures left for us to discover."

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